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Moldova wins special prize for Front-Office Digitization platform in Geneva

15 martie 2023

  • The Republic of Moldova was offered a special prize for the design of digital services at a contest staged by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and GovStack in Geneva.

The prize was bestowed for the Front-Office Digitization (FOD) platform – a solution for digitizing public services developed by the team of the e-Governance Agency in the framework of the Modernization of Government Services Project that is implemented with support from the World Bank Group, IPN reports.

Moldova competed alongside another 50 contenders, including from such digitally advanced countries as Singapore, Germany and Portugal. The projects were examined during almost three months and the assessment criteria included the aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, promotion of inclusive and sustainable economic growth, building of resistant infrastructure and stimulation of innovation.

e-Governance Agency director Olga Tumuruc said the prize provided by the ITU and GovStack at WSIS 2023 represents recognition of the value and opportunities offered by the FOD platform in the process of providing digital public services.

The Front-Office Digitization is a system that enables to swiftly design and develop front-offices for electronic public services. The FOD components are used to easily and quickly configure and develop individual systems for government service providers. Optionally, FOD can be integrated with any existing back-office of service providers. The citizens, enterprises and public service providers are the main beneficiaries of FOD-based services.

In Moldova, this platform is integrated with all the e-government systems: digital registry (MConnect); identity and verification system (MPass); payment system (MPay); messing system (MNotify). The FOD platform is already used for such services as Extract form State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, Extract from the Real Estate Register, Extract from the Register of Civil Status Documents. Three more FOD-based digital services are being developed.

Source: IPN

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