Access to HIV treatment, other essential medicines and intellectual property (2015)

Upon request by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova, UNDP, in collaboration with WHO, organized National Consultations on access to HIV treatment and other essential medicines in the context of a recently concluded Association Agreement with the EU and expected amendments in Moldova’s national intellectual property legislation and related laws. The goal of the consultations was to examine the likely impact of these developments on access to treatment for people living with HIV and co-infections in Moldova and to explore measures available in intellectual property related legislation that could be employed by Moldova to meet its obligation to ensure access to affordable medicines (see Agenda – Annex I). The meeting was attended by 20 people representing the different relevant national and international agencies, including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Intellectual Property Agency, National Parliament, Medicines Agency, civil society, UNAIDS, UNDP and WHO (see List of Participants – Annex II).    

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