UN Moldova COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report nr52

Education system epi update

The Ministry of education released a summary on the epi situation in education sector. Thus, as of April 7, - 407 (32.92%) general education institutions operate exclusively online, - 419 (33.79%) institutions operate with a program with physical participation of primary school students (50% of the total number of graduate students), - 146 (11.77%) institutions with physical presence of primary school students and students from graduating classes, - 268 (21.61%) institutions work with the physical presence of students in educational institutions, in strict compliance with public health rules on the prevention and spread of COVID-19. The number of students tested positive with COVID-19 is 214 (0.06%), and 2312 (0.69%) students were placed in self-isolation. 254 (0.94%) teachers were positively confirmed with the new Coronavirus and 135 (0.50%) are in isolation. Of the non-teaching and auxiliary staff, 126 (0.62%) people were infected with the new virus, and another 74 (0.36%) are in self-isolation.

Equipment donation from WHO and SDC

SDC and WHO donated a batch of tablet PCs and two mobile decontamination showers to the National Commission for Public Health that will be used by its mobile teams to conduct epidemiological surveys and research in territories. The equipment is worth $ 56,8 thousand.

More details can be found in the report.

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