UN Moldova COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report nr50

The pace of growth in coronavirus cases decreased slightly after six consecutive weeks of acceleration. The average number of daily cases for the past week was 1,316, representing a 6% decrease in cases compared to the previous period. Thus, to date, a total of 204,463 cases have been reported. There are presently 21,811 active cases in the country, which is the second-highest number since the start of the pandemic. Among the currently hospitalized patients, 336 are in a very serious condition. In addition, after a 36% increase in the weekly number of recoveries, the total number of recoveries now stands at 178,322. The average number of COVID-19-associated daily deaths over a seven-day period increased and now stands at 31.3. A total of 4,330 deaths have been registered in the country since the beginning of the pandemic. The case fatality rate has remained stable at 2.1%.

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