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230 trees will be planted in Comrat by the United Nations Organization in Moldova

22 October 2021

  • Today, 22 October, UN Moldova, in partnership with the ATU Gagauzia, planted 25 trees of the 230 planned to be planted in Comrat. .

On the eve of UN Day, traditionally celebrated on October 24, the UN Moldova Country Team decided this year to participate in the greening of the territories in the south of the country, at the invitation of ATUG Governor (Bashkan), Irina Vlah.

”The problem with global warming and climate changes affects every person and the impact of these can be seen already today. Due to drought from 2019 and 2020 we have lost harvest in amount of 660 million lei that is 2/3 of our budget. We cannot ignore this problem otherwise we would ignore the future of our children and grandchildren. A strong solution would be to work better together at country level while UN would foster multilateralism. We would like to thank you for the support, and we are confident that your example will motivate others to make Gagauzia greener and healthier." mentioned Irina Vlah.


Caption: Irina Vlah, Bascan UTA Găgăuzia
Photo: © UN Moldova


One of UN's global and local priorities is to promote climate action (Global Development Goal 13) to stop the negative impact of climate change on our environment and our lives.

"Climate change is affecting our lives, and the situation will get increasingly worse if humanity does not take concerted action to reduce climate change. At UN Moldova we believe that each of us can contribute to reducing global warming and caring for our planet. A good example is planting trees, reducing the use of plastic, recycling garbage, using public transport or a bicycle whenever possible, and the list can go on. The important thing is to join forces and take action now.” mentioned Simon Spingett, UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova.

Caption: Simon Springett, Coordonator Rezident ONU Moldova
Photo: © UN Moldova

According to the UN report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, prepared by 234 scientists from 66 countries, climate change is widespread, relatively fast and intensifying, and some trends are already irreversible. Human influence on the climate has contributed to global warming at an unprecedented rate in the last 2000 years, the same study shows.

Caption: Planting trees in Comrat
Photo: © UN Moldova

Scientists have identified changes in the climate system around the globe: in the atmosphere, in the oceans, in glaciers and on the ground. According to experts, humanity still has time to reduce the impact of climate change. For example, just reducing gas emissions could quickly improve air quality, and in 20-30 years the global temperature could stabilize.

In this context, the UN Moldova Resident Coordinator and the Bashkan of ATU Gagauzia, together with the heads of UN agencies and the inhabitants of the city planted 25 trees of the Sophora Japonica type, in the park “Eliberării” from the city of Comrat.

Caption: Echipa de Țară plantează copaci în Comrat
Photo: © UN Moldova

Another 200 trees are to be planted in November, on a territory in the immediate vicinity of Comrat where a leisure and relaxation space is expected to be established for the inhabitants of the city.

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230 trees will be planted in Comrat by the United Nations Organization in Moldova


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