UN Moldova COVID-19 Monthly Bulletin - May 2021

  • Two amendments and changes to restrictions were introduced through the latest Decision No. 55 from 31 May 2021 of the National Extraordinary Commission on Public Health, i.e. completion of the rules for masks wearing - masks are obligatory, covering nose and mouth, in all closed public spaces, including public transport, where social distancing is not possible, and the inclusion in the list of exceptions from the border crossing rules of the minors and accompanying persons with Hungarian citizenship, possessing a confirmation of the COVID-19 vaccination.
  • The Chisinau Municipal Extraordinary Commission for Public Health issued its Decision No. 39 from 27 May 2021, which introduces the following changes to previous restrictions:
    • Change of the Orange Code to Yellow Code of infection risks in Chisinau
    • Continued obligatory wearing of masks (covering nose and mouth) in all closed public spaces, including public transport and stations
    • Wearing of masks is not compulsory in open and non-crowded places, and is compulsory in open air during public events with mass gatherings
    • All municipal vaccination centers are open for any Moldovan citizen regardless of place of residence
    • Kindergartens are allowed to merge the groups inside and with outside institutions (if they close) during summertime
    • Summer camps are allowed only with groups of up to 15 children and only with day presence
    • Public catering is allowed with max 50% occupancy and compilation of lists of attendants
    • Theaters and concert halls are allowed to activate with observance of epi rules
    • Discotheques and night clubs will remain closed
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