UN Moldova COVID-19 Monthly Bulletin - April 2021

*These are subject to changes and amendment and should be viewed as an overview and not as a definitive source for decision making.

• The state of emergency on the territory of the country instituted by the Parliament on April 1st through May 31st has been cancelled by the a Decision of the Constitutional Court from April 28th , 2021.

• The restrictions regime and measures on COVID-19 pandemic are regulated, in this context, by the Extraordinary National Commission in Public Health. Its latest Decision, No. 57 from 29 April 2021 decrees the following: - All administrative-territorial units with Red Code alert will institute an emergency situation in public health

- Prevention measures established at national level include: wearing of protective masks in all public spaces, keep min 1m social distance, observe hygienic and respiratory rules, observe the self-isolation regime for those prescribed, monitoring of health conditions and early addressing for medical help if necessary

- Public entities need to ensure a physical attendance of offices of only strictly necessary staff and ensure the rest have conditions to work remotely

- Border crossing – all travelers need to show up a negative PCR test (>72h) or declare on personal responsibility the observance of 14 days self-quarantine, or show a vaccination certificate with a series of exceptions for students, truck/bus drivers etc.

- Educational process- will institute measures according to the number of infections in each of institutions. Graduation classes will have mixed regime of physical and on-line attendance

- Shops, malls, public catering units, cultural and religious institutions will ensure all epidemiological and sanitation measures are strictly observed by the personnel and clients/visitors

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