UN Moldova COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report nr43

Overview & Announcements

● Education system epi situation According to the Ministry of Education information on the epidemiological situation in the education system, as of December 18, there were 7 institutions activating on-line, 425 (last week-520) positive cases of COVID-19 infections among students/pupils and 8540 were placed in self-isolation, 514 (624) infections among teaching staff, with 305 people being placed in self-isolation.

● Epi situation and ICU occupancy in Chisinau For many weeks now, all ICU beds in Chisinau are occupied by COVID-19 patients. Out of 1172 beds for COVID patients, 996 are occupied and soon all to be filled up. In Chisinau there are 56 patients in very grave condition, 351 in serious condition, 587 in average condition.

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