UN Moldova COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report nr38

  • Epi situation update in education system

According to the latest updated data from the Ministry of Education, on November 4, 6 educational institutions in the country operate remotely due to quarantine measures as in the case of 152 classes. The number of students tested positive with COVID-19 is 203, and 3967 students were placed in self-isolation. 283 teachers have been positively confirmed with the new Coronavirus and 233 are in isolation. Of the non-teaching and auxiliary staff, 67 people were infected with the new virus, and another 71 are in self-isolation.

  • COVID-19 procurements

Another batch of 100,000 tests for SARS-VOC-2 were procured and delivered to the National Agency for Public Health, as part of the World Bank's project "Emergency Response to COVID-19 in the Republic of Moldova". Also, consumables, reagents and devices for laboratory diagnosis were purchased, including 4 cars for transporting tests from the Agency's laboratories. More information here.

  • COVID-19 Matrix- new impact assessment of the pandemic on the private sector and economy

On November 3, the PM’s Economic Council with support from UK and EBRD presented the findings of a study of the impact of the pandemic on the economic sector- the COVID-19 Matrix. The research was based on the consultation of over 20 representatives from diverse economic sectors, as well as public authorities. The study showed the overwhelming majority of the sectors face a decrease in sales, coupled with a decrease in staff, postponing investments, decrease in budgets for marketing and promotion etc. The authors propose several actions to remedy the situation, i.e. optimization of the normative and fiscal frameworks and provision of subsidies for most affected sectors of the economy.

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