The third edition of Moldova Electro Marathon has started

Three electric cars will cross Moldova from north to south, in the nest four days. The cars will travel over 1,000 km through the country, using existing public outlets in Moldova for charging.

The purpose of the marathon is to promote environmentally friendly mobility, to demonstrate the capacity of electric cars and to mark the major developments in this field, which have taken place in Moldova in the last two years. This exercise is in its third edition.

”With this marathon we aim to show the real capacity of electric cars, thus to help to speed up the use of low-emission transportation , an infrastructure that has reached an impressive level of development, due to the strong and fruitful partnerships of public and private sectors in the Republic of Moldova,” said Simion Berzoi, Business Development Project Officer, Moldova Sustainable Green Cities Project.

This year's challenge for the expedition participants will be to cross Moldova from south to north in one day, on a distance of over 500 km. Having more outlets on the route, this mean that each car can be loaded where it is needed, without making the turn at the station.

"From the first edition in 2018 when hybrid-electric cars participated, to the second in 2019 when the infrastructure was just at the beginning, here we are in 2020 with a well-developed network of outlets and a bigger number of registered electric cars in the Republic of Moldova. This year's edition of the marathon will show how different electric mobility can be now," says Ilie Toma, organizer and participant in the Electro-Marathon.

The marathon route covers the North, Center and South regions of the Republic of Moldova and can be followed here:

The project for the development of the charging station network for electric vehicles is implemented by EV Point, thanks to the partnership between UNDP Moldova, the Agency for Energy Efficiency and the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure. So, 30 charging stations were installed during 2020, and by the end of the year another 30 stations will be operational.

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