The diaspora and the local communities are encouraged to make donations on-line for socio-economic development projects

By the end of this year, 21 communities will enjoy illuminated streets, multifunctional tractors, upgraded public squares, parks, roads and sidewalks. All these are possible due to the support offered by the UNDP-Switzerland “Migration and local development” project, local budget contributions, but also to the donations of the natives and local communities made as part of on-line and off-line crowdfunding campaigns.

The young women from Taraclia encourage the natives to donate for a multifunctional tractor

The crowdfunding campaigns are in their full progress, both on local and international platforms, or using the tools provided by the social networks:

“By these campaigns, we aim to shortening the distance between migrants and their home communities. This is the only way we can ensure the synergy between the diaspora and the communities back home. There are hundreds of examples of on-line crowdfunding campaigns organized by our partner communities. Their examples were taken over by other communities from all over the country, which makes us think that we have become an ‘academy of crowdfunding’ at the local level,” said Zinaida Adam, manager of the UNDP-Switzerland ”Migration and local development” project.

For the fourth year, hometown associations are guided by UNDP Moldova in conducting on-line fundraising campaigns. Recently, this good practice has been replicated at national level by the Bureau for Diaspora Relations.

Starting with August 2020, 72 communities throughout the country, beneficiaries of the UNDP and the Bureau for Diaspora Relations’ programs, have started fundraising campaigns to ensure the financial contributions requested by the development partners.

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