28 communities create hometown associations which will involve the diaspora in local development

UNDP Moldova and Switzerland announced the results for 2020 “Incubator” and “Accelerator 1+1” grant competitions for hometown associations. These will allow 28 communities to involve diaspora in initiatives aiming to boost local economic development and improve local public services.

In 2019, first hometown associations implemented 44 local projects, benefiting from "Incubator" and "Accelerator 1 + 1" grants programs

Thus, the “Incubator” program provides grants of US$1,000 each to 22 new hometown associations or initiative groups that aim to establish such entities.

The beneficiaries of “Accelerator 1+1” are 6 selected hometown associations with demonstrated experience in implementing local projects. The associations will receive a grant of up to $10,000, based on a 1+1 formula (the grant’s value offered by UNDP and Switzerland will be equal to the funds raised from the diaspora both online and offline).

“Through these grant programmes, we encourage social and economic involvement of the diaspora in the revitalisation of hometowns. It is commendable that an increasing number of communities in the country are establishing hometown associations. These ensure the connection between the community and natives who left abroad, with ideas to boost local development,” says Zinaida Adam, manager of UNDP-Switzerland “Migration and Local Development” project.

In 2019, 44 hometown associations received support through these grant programmes. Overall, UNDP and Switzerland allocated $160,000, while over $183,000 was collected from the diaspora and local community, to support local projects. As a result, over 130,000 inhabitants are now enjoying better public lighting, water and sewerage services, road arrangements, leisure facilities, etc.

“This year we will purchase a tractor, which is very needed for arrangement and maintenance of roads. This is possible thanks to the received grant. All we need to do now is to ensure that we will collect the required amount of money from our natives and our community,” said Veronica Fetocaev, president of Cainari hometown association.

Similar grant competitions will be announced annually until 2022.

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