UN Moldova Covid-19 Thematic Brief Migration

Covid-19 will have a considerable socio-economic impact in the Republic of Moldova over the coming years and Moldova’s migration profile will be a deciding factor in this regard. Four key issues stand out;

  1. Expected high levels of unemployment due to Covid-19 among the one third of the Moldovan citizens that live and work abroad, leading to high rates of returns increasing pressure on domestic job markets,
  2. Moldova’s migratory patterns have created a class of vulnerable family members left behind, many now cut off from remittances which for many is a principal source of disposable income,
  3. The serious challenges of retaining essential talent within Moldova’s domestic workforce, such as health-care professionals and educators, will weigh heavy on early recovery post-Covid-19,
  4. Moldovan economic growth is in part tied to consumption fueled by remittances, which also contributes to fiscal revenue. These financial flows (some 16% of GDP) are likely to decrease under Covid-19.
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