Switzerland and UNDP Moldova support the National Employment Agency employees to prevent the spreading of novel coronavirus

The Swiss Cooperation Office, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme in Moldova, support urgent measures aimed at preventing the risk of COVID-19 infection within the National Employment Agency (NEA) and its 35 territorial employment offices.

In the context of the epidemiological situation of the country and the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus, the employees of the institution have been provided with necessary protection equipment. A batch of 5,000 pairs of gloves, over 400 litres of disinfectant, 400 protective screens, as well as 40 thermometers for contactless temperature monitoring was shared among all the territorial offices.

All of this was purchased with the support of Switzerland and UNDP Moldova under the Migration and Local Development Project, which provided a similar batch to the 35 partner communities.

“Crises are actually an exam in social solidarity. This aid is proof that in this continuous struggle with the virus, employees of the National Employment Agency receive support to limit the spreading of the epidemic and to work in proper conditions, providing the citizens with the services that they need,” mentioned Raisa Dogaru, NEA Director.

The received equipment will help protect the employees of the territorial employment offices, who promptly provide services that are so much needed during a difficult period of time, namely examining and responding to citizens’ applications for unemployment benefits, provided in order to support the population without a job during the emergency period.

The UN system in Moldova and the development partners support the national response to the pandemic through coordinated activities aimed at protecting people, building the capacity of the health care system and reducing the economic and social shocks. 

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