FAO and the Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment discussed the joint response to COVID-19 impact on food and agriculture in the Republic of Moldova

FAO Representative in Republic of Moldova, Raimund Jehle had a virtual meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Ion Perju. They discussed the current needs of the agriculture and food sector to overcome the negative effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, focusing on joint efforts to address the current challenges in agriculture.

Topics included an analysis of the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on food and agriculture, as well as, the high probability of drought and its effects on agricultural production and living standards in rural areas.

The discussion also touched upon the difficult situation of smallholders, who face problems in selling their products, and the wine sector’s disruptions in trade and consumption.

In the context of the multiple challenges for agriculture and food security in the country, FAO expressed its readiness to provide assistance for Moldova, including help to monitor and analyze the consequences of COVID-19 in agriculture and the food industry, as well as, mobilize the resources needed to overcome them.

In addition, it was agreed that the FAO Regional Office would facilitate the organization of a video conference with agriculture ministers of neighboring countries to discuss and help maintain food security in the region.

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