Two national grants programs to support local development initiatives of Hometown Associations were launched

UNDP Moldova and the Government of Switzerland are launching “Incubator” and “Accelerator 1+1” grants programs to support community development initiatives of Hometown Associations, in partnership with the local authorities, during 2020.

Locals from Copceac (Ștefan Vodă) together with the local public authority have renovated the central park benefiting of ”Accelerator AdB 1+1” program.

These two programs shall contribute to development of communities in Moldova affected by migration, by improving local public services and stimulating income-generating economic activities. Also, social and economic involvement of the Diaspora in the revitalization of their hometowns shall be encouraged.

For the “Incubator” grant program, newly created hometown associations or initiative groups that intend to set up an effective association can apply. The selected initiatives will receive up to USD 1,000 funding.

For the “Accelerator 1+1” grant program, registered hometown associations, with demonstrated experience in implementing a local project, can apply. The associations will benefit from a grant in the form of co-financing up to USD 10,000, on the basis of a 1+1 formula (the grant’s value offered by UNDP and the Government of Switzerland to the hometown association has to be equal with the contributions collected both online and offline from the Diaspora).

“The cooperation with the local public authority and the involvement of the natives in their hometown development is a prerequisite for the acceptance of the application to the ‘Accelerator’ program. Also, the proposed idea should be chosen in consultation with the natives and migrants. At the same time, the local public administration, the community and the Diaspora need to secure the required co-financing,” said Victoria Ivancioglo, institutional development officer for UNDP “Migration and Local Development” project.

During 2019, “Incubator” and “Accelerator 1+1” programs supported hometown associations and mayoralties in 44 communities to implement projects meant to improve the local infrastructure and public services. In total, UNDP and the Government of Switzerland offered grants amounting to USD 166.54 thousand. At the same time, USD 183.71 thousand were collected by the natives.

Thus, the natives who returned temporarily to their hometowns reconnected with the local development processes, participated in local priority planning meetings and contributed to improving the living conditions of locals. As a result, about 130 thousand inhabitants in 44 communities benefit from improved lighting, water and sewerage services, roads and sidewalks, arranged leisure facilities, etc.

“In 2019 we benefited from the ‘HTA Accelerator’ grant program, which offered us USD 10,000, and we collected contributions totalling USD 10,000. We used this money to purchase trash cans for about 500 households. Thus, the Hometown Association contributed significantly to the improvement of the household waste collection service,” mentioned Vera Siminel, President of the Hometown Association.

“Incubator” and “Accelerator 1+1” grant programs will be launched annually at national level by 2022.

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