National campaign in Moldova calls women to "Stay Healthy and Do the PAP-test!"

‘Stay Healthy! Do the PAP-Test!’ – this is the call launched by the authorities, development partners and opinion leaders to all women aged 25-61 years from the Republic of Moldova, who encouraged them to visit the family doctor and do the cytology test every 3 years as part of the national awareness campaign for cervical cancer prevention.

Launch of the national campaign "Stay Healthy! Do the PAP-test!"

The cytology test (Pap-test) regularly made between 25 and 61 years and HPV vaccination in adolescence, ensure a maximum protection against cervical cancer. In our country, the cytology test is done free-of-charge at the family doctor cabinet.

‘Cervical cancer can be prevented and we can reduce it to ZERO, if all women do the cytology test every 3 years and girls are vaccinated against HPV starting from 10 years.  I urge each of you to involve and to convince your beloved women to go to the family doctor, do the cytological test and make sure they are healthy,’ said Viorica Dumbraveanu, the Minister of Health, Labour and Social Protection, during the campaign launching event.

The Survey for the Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Cervical Cancer Prevention in the Republic of Moldova shows that 59% of women aged 25-61 never had a cytology test. The largest share of women who never had a cytology test is in the South of the country, as well as among the poor families.

When asked about barriers to doing the test, most women mentioned the lack of time, fear, as well as the lack of knowledge of where to go to have it.  As result, cervical cancer mortality in our country is very high – every day a woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer, and one woman dies because of it every third day.

‘This is why we launched this communication campaign, by which we are going to inform all girls and women, as well as their families, about cervical cancer prevention measures. I want to urge all partners – medical community, civil society, development partners, local authorities, media, private sector – to join this campaign, thus the message will reach to every women from Moldova’, said Natalia Plugaru, UNFPA Moldova Assistant Representative.

‘I urge men to encourage their wives, girlfriends, sisters and all beloved women to take care of their health, in order to prevent the cervical cancer. International experience proves that this disease can be easily prevented by organised vaccination and cervical screening programs’, said Valeriu Sava, National Health Program Officer, Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova.

‘Stay Healthy! Do the PAP-test!’ campaign takes place during 28 January – 31 March 2020 and includes several public awareness raising actions, such as: audio/video materials, trainings for journalists and health workers, leaflets with information for women, communication guideline for doctors, information posters in health facilities, pharmacies, shopping centers and public transport, street boards, calls to action on social media. For the first time, a specialised website focused on cervical cancer prevention is launched

‘Stay Healthy! Do the PAP-test!’ campaign is organised by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection, in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Swiss Cooperation Office (SDC), World Health Organization (WHO), International Cervical Cancer Prevention Association (ICCPA) and other partners.

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