An energy management information system to be launched in Chisinau

An energy management information system (EMIS) for public buildings will be launched in Chisinau. The system will be developed with the support of UNDP Moldova within the Moldova Sustainable Green Cities project funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). 

EMIS allows continuous and remote monitoring of water, electricity, and heat consumption. The intelligent system generates alert messages in case the consumption of energy resources goes beyond the limits and allows for quick actions in case of breakdown or fraudulent energy usage. In addition, EMIS generates statistical reports about the real energy consumptions for specific periods of time. 

“The system allows controlling and bringing down the water and energy costs, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening social responsibility, monitoring and controlling all variables that impact the energy performance of buildings and facilities overall. At the same time, the efficient operation of EMIS depends on the continuous commitments of decision-makers at all levels,” stated Simion Berzoi, Business Development Project Officer within Moldova Sustainable Green Cities Project.

Initially, EMIS will be launched in a limited number of social institutions in Chisinau (schools, kindergartens, hospitals) and afterwards will be extended at municipal level. The institutions will be selected jointly with the Chisinau local public authorities. In the selected buildings smart meters will be installed, which will continuously send data about the energy consumption to the web platform. Access to data will be layered and based on login.

EMIS was developed and launched by UNDP in Croatia in 2006 and is currently replicated in over 13,000 public buildings in our country. Afterwards the EMIS model was replicated in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. A group of EMIS developers from Serbia is visiting Moldova for a business trip. On January 22, the experts will have meetings with the Chisinau municipality administration, representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, and UNDP Moldova. On January 23, the experts will deliver a presentation to all energy managers of our country about the operation, the experience and results of EMIS implementation in Serbia. The training session for the energy managers will be held at the Agency for Energy Efficiency starting at 10.00 am.


Moldova Sustainable Green Cities project, with a 5-year duration (2018-2022), has a total budget of 2.72 mil. USD, of which 2.64 mil. USD are provided by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and 80,000 USD – by UNDP Moldova.

For additional information please contact: Simion Berzoi, Business Development Project Officer, UNDP Moldova, Tel: +373 79575707,

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