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The “Youth Centers on Wheels”: UNFPA transferred five minibuses to the Youth Centers so that their services reach as many young people as possible in the villages

03 June 2024

  • The Ministry of Education and Research with the support of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) today transferred five minibuses to the Youth Centers in Bălți, Cahul, Ungheni, Criuleni and Fălești. This initiative was carried out in partnership with the National Youth Agency and the Development Training Institute "MilleniuM", with the support of the Directorate for Humanitarian Aid of the European Commission (DG ECHO).
Photo: © UNFPA Moldova

The five means of transport "Traveller Center" will provide mobile services for thousands of young people from the local community and young refugees from Bălți, Cahul, Ungheni, Criuleni and Fălești, and will carry out activities to raise awareness and prevent gender-based violence (GBV), as part of the UNFPA "Safe Spaces for Women, Youth and Elderly" programme.

"From now on, the five youth centers will have the possibility to carry out activities with young people from more remote areas. For us, UNFPA is a strategic partner, with whom we carry out multiple projects, especially in order to strengthen the networks of youth centers, which organize various activities for young people to enable them in the process of participation and involvement, in decision-making and the development of life skills, for which we are grateful. At the ministry, together with the National Youth Agency, we are working to find a predictable and clear funding formula for these centers, so that they can increase and expand their capacities year after year. This is a priority for us", said Dan Perciun, Minister of Education and Research.

“These new mobile services will be a breath of fresh air for young people in remote communities who are the hardest to reach, bringing young people from Moldova and Ukrainian refugees to essential services that will help them develop and thrive. We are extremely grateful to the European Union for the financial support provided for the purchase of minibuses. This reconfirms our common commitment to empower and support young people from all over the country", said Dr. Karina Nersesyan, UNFPA Resident Representative in Moldova.

Equipping the Youth Centers with a minibus will bring closer the services dedicated to teenagers and young people in rural areas, offering girls and boys opportunities for participation, civic involvement, personal development, inclusion and social cohesion, recreational, sports, artistic and cultural activities.

"The support we give to the Youth Centers is aimed at ensuring access to all young people in rural areas, both from local communities and from refugee communities in Ukraine", said Vicente Palacios-Ducar, Humanitarian Expert, European Commission, DG ECHO.

"It is an important day for the development agenda of the Youth Centers in the Republic of Moldova. From today, we have the opportunity to come closer to the young people of the region, and the services to be more and closer to every young man and woman in the country. From now on, we can reach thousands of young people every month from both urban and rural areas", said Nonna Mihalcean, coordinator of the mobile team from Bălți.

The 5 minibuses for mobile youth services will have a program of visits to the localities in Criuleni and Fălești districts and the municipalities of Bălți, Cahul, Ungheni, and will collaborate with local public authorities, social workers, directors of schools and cultural centers in the cities and villages in the region to inform young people about the time, place and services to be offered in the locality.

The procurement and equipping of the Youth Centers with a minibus for mobile youth services was carried out by UNFPA with the support of the European Union, the total investment exceeding the amount of 3,000,000 lei.

Irina Lipcanu

Irina Lipcanu

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