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Labour relations – continuous modernization

26 May 2023

  • The National Employers’ Confederation of Moldova (CNPM), in partnership with the National Trade Union Confederation (CNSM), the representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (MoLSP) participated in the round table with the topic "Labour relations - continuous modernization".
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The event was organized with the support of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and attended by more than 50 employers, municipal and private enterprises from the construction, insurance and telecommunications sectors.

The purpose of the event was to discuss the perspectives of the labor legislation amendment, hiring of employees by means of temporary employment agents, as well as identifying the problems faced by employers in applying the labor legislation.

Vladislav Caminschi, CNPM executive director, mentioned that the employers’ organization will continue to support the business environment, including by drawing up the lists of documents required in all phases of labour relations, drafting a clear approach related to apprenticeship contracts, as well as identifying the alternative mechanisms for the settlement of labour disputes - until the latter reach the court instances. Mr. Caminschi also stated that the social partners together with the authorities will identify the premises for the incorporation in the national legislation of the temporary work agent mechanism, a form of employment that has not yet been implemented.

Another subject on the agenda of the round table refferred to the mechanism of the non-competition clause, which was recently introduced in the Labour Code. This clause provides that the employer and the employee negotiate within the individual employment contract the period during which the employee, after the termination of contractual relations, is not enabled to perform, in his own or a third party interest, an activity that is in competition with the one performed at the previous place of work.

The ILO representative informed the participants about the piloting of alternative childcare services provided by the employer at the workplace, to be implemented in collaboration with the CNPM, as part of the ILO project "Childcare system in Moldova: systemic approach for a better offer and promotion of formalization" within the ILO-SIDA global partnership.

Alexandru Sandru, representative of Orange Moldova and of the Association of Foreign Investors cited that "the event organized by the CNPM highlighted once again the importance of adapting the labor legislation to the digitization processes taking place in the national economy. The participation of representatives of business environment, public authorities, the International Labor Organization and trade unions contributed to a practical and multi-aspectual analysis of the nominated issues”.

The event represented a tripartite platform for discussions on the most acute issues of the labor legislation and will speed up the actions in the interest of the business environment and for the benefit of all employees of the Republic of Moldova. Such joint dialogue platforms contribute to the promotion of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Goal 8 on decent work and economic growth.

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