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Over 100,000 refugees from Ukraine and 22.000 host communities members were supported by UN Moldova since the war started

23 February 2023

  • On 24th of February, it is one year since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine started. The Republic of Moldova along with other neighboring countries started to receive refugees from Ukraine in just a few hours.

During the year, over 750,000 refugees fled Ukraine into Moldova, more than 100,000 of which have sought longer term safety, protection and security in Moldova. Over 90% of refugees are women and children.

The United Nations Country Team joined forces with the government, NGO’s from both banks of the river Nistru, and local communities to provide immediate support to refugees and host community members.

“Local people came up and helped me – people I didn’t know who were just passing by. I was so grateful,” says Olga, a 42-years old accountant from Odessa, Ukraine.

In 2022, 257 million dollars were mobilized by the United Nations agencies to provide together with international and national organizations of the civil society protection services and humanitarian assistance to more than 102,000 refugees and 22,000 Moldovans hosting refugees in close collaboration with government counterparts.

“Our support continues until today and it will continue until the last refugee returns safely to Ukraine. This wouldn’t be possible without multilateralism, solidarity and the humanity that all of us, including the people of Moldova who opened their hearts and homes, have shown in this difficult period of time.“ mentioned Simon Springett, Resident coordinator of UN in Moldova.

UN Moldova support included infrastructure improvements, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) facilities and non-food items to over 100 Refugee Accommodation Centers. A total number of 2,6 million hot meals have been distributed daily to refugees. At the same time, about 108,000 refugees and 22,000 host families received cash assistance in a total amount of 70,3 million U.S. dollars.

“At one point we had 15 people staying in this house. It was challenging but we could not turn anyone away. We know the situation in their country,” says Anna, a host community member. “They need us. They need our help. We told our daughter, just bring them, we will manage somehow.”

There were established 11 Blue Dots that reached over 45.000 refugees including 23.000 children offering a wide range of services to address their needs: information and counseling, child-friendly spaces, hygiene, health and nutrition services, as well as legal & psychological counseling and referral services for cases of violence or health. On the other hand, in 22 Orange Safe spaces boys and girls could access life skills and resilience building sessions, mental health counseling, sexual and reproductive health referral and information, personal development, and connect with host communities.

Aiming at integrating Ukrainian refugees into the Moldovan society and labor market over 2,000 jobs were made available for them, and 946 Ukrainians have been formally employed.

This support would not have been possible without global solidarity – founded in a collective sense of a deep respect for humanity, especially from the people of Moldova who opened their hearts and homes.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank all our partners as well as central and local authorities for their openness, support and trust granted and reassure everyone that UN Moldova will continue to provide all necessary assistance to support refugees from Ukraine but also communities and families across the country.


About United Nations in Moldova:

UN Moldova Country Team consists of 24 agencies, fund and programs supporting the Republic of Moldova in achieving its major development goals and fulfilling its vision to be a developed and modern European country.


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