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Over 70 of NEA employees trained with respect to the implementation of subsidizing measures for self-employment and local initiative projects

28 April 2022

  • Officially registered unemployed can apply for subsidies to start their own businesses and rural entrepreneurs can benefit from subsidies for business development in view of creating jobs.  Accordingly, the National Employment Agency (NEA) will continue during 2022 to implement the active labour market measures provided by articles 39 and 40 of the Law on Employment Promotion and Unemployment Insurance.
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In order to dynamize the process of accessing the subsidizing measures, the NEA, with the financial support of the International Labour Organization (ILO), organized during April 14-21 a training course for 70 employees of NEA territorial offices.  The participants of the seminar discussed the legal framework for entrepreneurship, the procedure of subsidies granting and the practical issues they need to take into account in order to better guide the potential subsidies’ recipients.

"For long, the subsidising measures have demonstrated their effectiveness in Europe, nevertheless for the Moldovan labour market, it is a relatively new mechanism for creating decent jobs, so far.  Consequently, such trainings are very important for us in the sense that we better understand the subtleties of entrepreneurial activity, the procedure for applying the mentioned measures, so that we can better help the candidates to capitalize on their resources", said Mr. Gavriliță, one of the participants of the training course.

The topics discussed during the training course were identified based on the results of these two measures monitoring and the recommendations forwarded by the beneficiaries of subsidies.

In 2021, the NEA, with the financial and methodological support of the ILO, for the first time, piloted these active labour market measures in several districts of the Republic of Moldova. 7 unemployed received self-employment subsidies and created 11 jobs.  Thanks to the granted assistance, a dry cleaning, work units for manufacturing musical instruments covers and wood processing and furniture production, units for sewing and printing on textiles, a line for production of organic oil and a sports facility, etc. have been launched.  Also, last year, 13 rural entrepreneurs received subsidies and created 18 new jobs in several areas, such as agriculture, rural tourism, services, construction and renovation, pastry and textile industry.  The financial aid provided by the ILO for the implementation of these measures amounted to 122 thousand US dollars.


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