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A Distance Training Platform on Labour Law Launched

24 January 2022

  • The platform comes to help the employers and the specialists in human resources, including those related to the labour legislation. It was developed by the National Confederation of Employers of Moldova (CNPM) with the assistance of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The platform contains five free training modules with respect to concluding and implementation of individual employment contracts, labour relations accountability, labour law compliance monitoring, labour disputes resolution, occupational safety and health, as well as social dialogue related to labour relations. In addition to direct access to interactive training programs, the registered users of the platform will be able to participate in online seminars, organized periodically by the CNPM and download templates on various acts needed in different circumstances related to labour relations.


Platform users can organize their learning schedules individually, which means they can take breaks whenever considered and the system will track their progress while returning to the module. At the end, participants passing all training modules, will get a certificate issued by the Confederation confirming the acquired knowledge.

Vladislav Caminschi, CNPM Executive Director stated: “The crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the labour market problems and determined us to expand the new service. We created an innovative tool that will meet the current needs of all relevant labour market actors. Due to the financial assistance and expertise provided by the ILO for the development of the platform and elaboration of the curriculum and training materials, we have managed to create a useful instrument regarding the organization and development of labour relations for both employers and employees. We will continue to develop this platform so that it becomes a benchmark resource for those interested in the labour law and provides them with necessary landmarks for their day-to-day professional activity”.

The platform was developed on the basis of a training module regarding the labour law, created by the Confederation, with the financial and methodological assistance of the ILO, aimed to support the employers to better know and correctly apply the labour legislation along the duration and upon termination of employment relationships.

The launching of the e-learning platform on labour legislation was welcomed by the representatives of several companies. One of them, Alexei Ciorap, from the SUPRATEN company mentioned:

"It is a valuable and needed tool not only for employers, but also for the human resources specialists of any company. The platform is well-structured and users friendly, so I think it will help us to save a lot of time and effort to get informed and find answers to questions that arise in our everyday work”.

Note: The National Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Moldova is an umbrella organization of the business circles, legally empowered to promote and defend the legitimate interests of its members in relations with public authorities, trade unions and other legal entities. The members of the National Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Moldova are Employers' Federations and Associations of most branches of the national economy, as well as several large companies. As a social partner, the CNPM participates in tripartite social dialogue at the national level, negotiates collective agreements at all levels, examines and countersigns various draft laws and regulations on economic and social issues. In addition to that, it forwards policy proposals to improve the entrepreneurship activities and create conditions for foreign investments promotion.


A Distance Training Platform on Labour Law Launched

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