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First special hearing room with audio and video recording created in Cimislia

16 September 2021

  • A special hearing room, with the possibility of audio and video recording, for criminal trial participants, has been created at the Cimislia Prosecutor's Office. Hence, high quality standards are applied in dealing with criminal cases in which hearings are conducted. This premiere was possible thanks to the support of Sweden, offered through the "Strengthening efficiency and access to justice in Moldova" project, implemented by UNDP Moldova in partnership with the NGO” INVENTO".

The renovation works took place during August – September 2021, the costs amounting to over 70,000 lei. A space of 38.5 m2 has been adapted. It is protected by a mirror wall, to allow the recognition of suspects in safe and confidential conditions. The necessary space was provided by the Cimislia Prosecutor's Office. The room has also been soundproofed and endowed with modern equipment, such as video cameras and microphones. An accurate and complete fixing of the means of proof will thus be ensured, conveying both the content part of the hearing as well as the emotional side of the persons heard.

“The hearing is probably the only procedural action without which no criminal case can be carried out. We are glad that we now have the possibility of video recording, which reflects the mental state, because audio recordings do not record the gestures and facial expressions of the party or person heard," stresses Ruslan Caraivan, Chief Prosecutor at the Cimislia Prosecutor's Office.

Procedural actions, including recognition, were previously conducted in a room of 19.25 m2, which was not equipped according to national and international standards. The Cimislia Prosecutor's Office will ensure the further maintenance of the space. The interrogation room could also be used by the neighboring prosecutor's offices (of Leova, Gagauzia region, Hincești, Basarabeasca) upon request.

The court in the same district has a children's hearing room. These two rooms will now be connected via a software that enables access to the video recordings made.

The idea of creating a dedicated hearing room is a local initiative which came following a training program designed to strengthen the capacities of professionals in the justice sector, supported by the project "Strengthening efficiency and access to justice in Moldova" in Criuleni, Soroca, Cimislia and Comrat regions. Currently, the project supports the implementation of several similar initiatives.

First special hearing room with audio and video recording created in Cimislia

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