UN Moldova COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report nr56

Overview & Announcements

  • Vaccination campaign updates
  • Starting with May 13th, the government vaccination portal https://vaccinare.gov.md/ launched the on-line appointment system for vaccinations. The portal has a video with explanation of steps necessary for getting an appointment. For this an ID and an active email address is needed. The authorities are inviting all envisaged categories to get vaccinated, also informing the vaccination centers will be open in weekends as well.
  • According to the government portal on vaccination (https://vaccinare.gov.md/) as of May 17th , a total of 228,971 doses of vaccine were administered (31,765 people received 2 doses);

Adverse Reactions​: Moderate = 0.02% (53 cases) ​/ Mild = 0.5% (1,212 cases)

  • Another batch of 11,000 vaccines are donated to Moldova by Lithuania, announcement made during the official visit of the Lithuanian president to Moldova. An additional 45,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines are planned to arrive to Moldova by May 24th through the COVAX platform.
  • PPE and equipment supplies from Germany, EU and WHO

MoHLSP announced a delivery of a large batch of PPEs to Moldova with the financial support from Germany and EU and in partnership with WHO. The delivery includes 1.6 million gloves, 300,000 FFP2 masks and others of a total value of 537,500 EURO. In the next weeks it is expected that other EU countries will also send to Moldova supplies, PPEs and vaccines.

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