UN Moldova COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report nr55

Overview & Announcements

Vaccination campaign updates

  • Starting with May 11th, the MoHLSP announced the beginning of the Phase III of the vaccination campaign,whereby the general population will be vaccinated. The phase will start with administering the vaccine to a certain group of professions and their families, as food and retail industries, transportation, hotels and
  • restaurants etc;
  • According to the government portal on vaccination (https://vaccinare.gov.md/) as of April 26th, a total of 185,292 doses of vaccine were administered (23,443 people received 2 doses); Adverse Reactions: Moderate = 0.03% (53 cases) / Mild = 0.7% (1,212 cases)
  • On May 7th, another batch of 100,800 AstraZeneca vaccines arrived from Romania to Moldova as a donation;
  • The UN Moldova is supporting the vaccination campaign, including by vaccinating its personnel. On May 6th, 130 UN staff and dependents received their first doses of vaccines;
  • The COVID‐19 Vaccine Market Dashboard (hosted by UNICEF) informs the following numbers on vaccines for Moldova as of April 26: doses shipped via COVAX‐ 86,970, doses allocated through May 2021‐ 233,190.

Education process resume with physical presence

  • Starting with May 11th, the educational process with physical presence of students started in Chisinau in all educational institutions and classes.
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