UN Moldova COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report nr47

● UN Moldova launched a dedicated website for its Social-Economic Response and Recovery Plan The website- https://covid19response.un.md/ highlights the Response and Recovery Five Pillars, that includes key priorities and interventions with a specific dedicated compartment for Projects & Actions that need support to be implemented. As well, the webpage includes sections on impact of COVID-19, financing, and monitoring. Here you can find all assessments and thematic policy briefs developed by UN agencies. The website offers the possibility to quickly browse through the projects listed under the Plan, see what initiatives are being already funded and implemented, as well as more details on projects that require funding.

● Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection anti-COVID-19 vaccination update The MoHLSP launched a dedicated webpage on its website in form of Q&As on anti-COVID-19 vaccination. The page is divided in expand-down sections on various questions related to vaccination, i.e. what the target groups are, vaccination phases, how prioritization is made, what persons should not do a vaccination and so on.

The MoHLSP has developed and approved with the support of WHO and UNICEF Moldova a Communication Strategy on anti-COVID19 vaccination and a related Plan of Actions. The Strategy includes four phases of communication with clearly defined target groups as per the National Anti-COVID19 Immunization Plan. A simulation exercise of receiving the anti-COVID19 vaccine was performed. The video footage presented to the mass-media showed the entire path of the vaccine from arriving at the airport to delivering them to the NAPH where they are to be kept in refrigerators from where they will be sent to Vaccination Centers.

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