UN Moldova COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report nr44

● Education system epi situation According to the Ministry of Education information on the epidemiological situation in the education system, as of January 11, there were no institutions activating only on-line, with only 5 classes being in self-isolation. There were 89 positive cases of COVID-19 infections among students/pupils and 817 were placed in self-isolation, 160 infections among teaching staff, with 109 people being placed in self-isolation.

● National anti-COVID-19 immunization Plan approved The National Extraordinary Commission in Public Health through its Decision No. 41 from January 13, approved the National anti-COVID-19 Immunization Plan. The Plan is structured into several parts and stipulates the legal and regulatory framework for the vaccine approval, describes the capacity of the national health system to implement the Plan, its financing, monitoring of the Plan implementation and other aspects of the immunization process.

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