UN Moldova COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report nr42

Overview & Announcements

● Education system epi situation According latest data from the Ministry of Education information on the epidemiological situation in the education system, as of December 7, there were 27 institutions activating on-line, 520 (last week-489) positive cases of COVID-19 infections among students/pupils and 13017 were placed in self-isolation, 624 (550) infections among teaching staff, with 575 people being placed in self-isolation.

● Moldova submitted its request to COVAX platform for the COVID-19 vaccine On December 7, the Republic of Moldova through the MoHLSP with support from WHO and UNICEF presented its request to the COVAX Platform in order to ensure the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine. The request describes the optimal conditions for organization of the immunization services, priority target groups, logistical steps and other details. More details on COVAX and the immunization plans here.

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