UN Moldova COVID-19 Monthly Bulletin - November 2020

COVID-19 Epi and Health situation update:

● The coronavirus outbreak has accelerated over the past week and month. Every week in November saw another record in the number of new cases broken, with the latest being this past Saturday, November 28, when 1,712 new cases were reported. The total number of confirmed cases surpassed the 100,000-case mark last week and continued to increase rapidly since then. The total number of cases now stands at 107,017;

● A total of 30,977 new cases were reported between November 1-29. This represents a 35% increase compared to the total number of cases reported during the previous month and nearly 30% of all cases reported since the pandemic reached the country in March. The daily average number of new cases was 1,068 during the same period, which is 326 cases more compared to the previous month. The average number of new cases over the past seven and 14 days is 1,297 and 1,267, respectively, reflecting an accelerated growth in cases over the past weeks;


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