Soros Foundation Moldova and UNDP provide essential medical equipment to hospitals that treat COVID-19 cases

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Soros Foundation Moldova join forces in the response to the novel coronavirus by providing much-needed medical equipment to hospitals engaged in treatment of patients with COVID-19.

The equipment, amounting to approx. $47,000 and consisting of seven units each of oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, patient monitors and one ventilator, will allow frontline health workers to provide oxygen to the COVID-19 patients from the surrounding air, measure how well oxygen is being sent to parts of bodies and respectively ensure oxygenation and ventilation to the lungs of patients in critical condition.

“We at UNDP remain committed to support Moldova to strengthen its health system in facing COVID-19, including by helping to procure much-needed medical supplies. Thus we are grateful to be joined in this mission by the Soros Foundation Moldova for the provision of critical help that can alleviate the challenging journey of COVID-19 patients and the medical staff taking good care of them,” said Dima Al-Khatib, UNDP Resident Representative for the Republic of Moldova.

“Today, we are still experiencing the COVID-19 crisis and employees in the medical system are in a difficult situation. The equipment we are sending now is part of a series of Soros Foundation Moldova contributions during the last eight months, to fight the spread of coronavirus. We are glad that we have the opportunity to help doctors, nurses, but also all those who, being in the front line, are dedicated to saving the lives,” noted Petru Culeac, Executive Director of Soros Foundation Moldova.

The UN Development System in Moldova and development partners have been actively supporting the national response to the pandemic through the coordinated activities aiming to protect people, increase capacities of the healthcare system and reduce the economic and social shocks.  

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