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UNICEF activates the „Blue Dot” in Moldova

15 March 2022

  • "Blue Dot" support centers are intended for the protection of refugee children and families in Ukraine
Photo: © UNICEF Moldova

In order to meet the urgent needs of children and families crossing the border of the Republic of Moldova with Ukraine, UNICEF is reactivating the “Blue Dot” - support centers for children and families, located along refugee transit routes.

The first three "Blue Dots" in Moldova was set up at the Moldexpo Refugee Accommodation Center, Centre of refugees at Palanca and Border crossing point Otaci, which offers families and children services that meet their urgent needs: information and counseling, child-friendly spaces, psychological counseling and support, hygiene, health and nutrition services, as well as basic legal advice and referral services for cases of violence or health.

“We needed to establish a first point of contact for children and their families as they crossed into the country, with urgent essential services and child friendly spaces for children and mothers”, said Maha Damaj, UNICEF Country Representative in Moldova, “The "Blue Dots" will provide those who have walked or traveled for hours with both the necessary respite and the services they need as they continue their journey to safety and security."

The centers will be located at the border crossing points of the Republic of Moldova and near the refugee triage and accommodation centers, being interconnected in a sequential way, following the flow of refugees, in order to contribute to the support and reunification of families. The first three “Blue Dots” have been established in partnership with CCF Moldova, Terre des Hommes Moldova, Partnerships for Every Child, national and local authorities.

”Blue Dots” are centers established by UNICEF to provide essential support and protection services to families during the 2015-2016 Syrian refugee and migrant crisis, being activated in Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Currently, 9 “Blue Dots” are being established to provide services to refugee mothers and children in Moldova, Romania and Hungary.  

More than 304  thousand refugees entered the Republic of Moldova since February 24, 2022, many of them continuing their way to Romania, Poland and other countries. The majority of the Ukrainian refugees entering the Republic of Moldova are women and children. Out of more than 100 thousand refugees who decided to stay in Moldova, 48 thousand are children.

UNICEF activates the „Blue Dot” in Moldova

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