UNDP has delivered more than half of medicines necessary for nine national and special health programmes in the Republic of Moldova

  • The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) provided the Ministry of Health with 56% of the total volume of medicines contracted under an assistance project focused on the procurement of life-saving medicine for patients in the Republic of Moldova. These efforts brought over USD 923,000 in savings to the state budget or 23% of the allocated budget.

These results were presented today in a press conference. Five months ago, the Government of the Republic of Moldova signed the Agreement to authorise the UNDP to purchase medicines for nine national and special health programmes, in the amount of USD 4.25 million.  

UNDP finalised the contracting process of the procurement of medicines for eight health programmes, another one currently being evaluated. The medicines for HIV/AIDS treatment, tuberculosis, diabetes, and mental diseases are being delivered. All procured medicines meet the highest quality international standards.

The distribution companies were selected following an open and competitive tender process, in accordance with the UNDP procurement rules. The results of tenders, expenditure reports and list of procured medicines are publicly available and are regularly updated.

“UNDP helps us to buy medicines in an efficient and transparent way that ensures patients with the necessary quality medicines, without interruption. Thanks to this partnership we have been able to save significant amounts of money, which will allow us to procure additional stocks of vital medicines for patients from Moldova and save more lives”, noted the Deputy Minister of Health, Liliana Iasan.

According to projections, by the end of September, UNDP will provide the Ministry of Health with the entire quantity of medicines necessary for nine national and special health programmes for this year.

“This strategic partnership with the Ministry of Health, besides the fact that it ensures patients with equal and uninterrupted access to quality medicines, in necessary quantities, contributes to the optimization of the public procurement system in health sector and the development of a coherent policy in pharmaceutical sector”, said Stefan Liller, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in the Republic of Moldova.

UNDP has a considerable global experience in the field of public procurement. At the same time, it is also considered the most transparent organisation in the field of foreign assistance globally. The 2016 Aid Transparency Index places the UNDP in first place among 46 other international agencies, which account for 98% of the total official development assistance.

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