UN Moldova COVID-19 Situational Report nr22

  • The State of National Public Health Emergency is due to end of July 15th, there is no indication yet if this will be extended;
  • We are seeing some positive trends in the number of cases per week, deaths per week, and the R0 falling below 1.0, however this should be taken with caution given the increasing number of serious cases, and the relatively static number of positive cases per day of the total number tested (averaging 17-20% of all tests per day). The cases have not yet peaked, and continued caution and vigilance will still be required; 
  • Ms. Tatiana Ivanicichina, State Secretary, Ministry of Finance attended the Covid-19 Response and Recovery Trust Fund - “Recover Better Together” Action Forum held on virtually 26 June and chaired the UN Deputy Secretary-General. Video message;
  • The Ministry of Education and Research mentioned that the Labor Code is being revised and adjusted to Covid-19 pandemic situation meaning that some additional facilities will be provided for working parents/caregivers during the crisis and recovery period;
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