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The Strategy for intelligent transport and mobility for Chisinau was presented

16 June 2021

The Chisinau City Hall, with the support of UNDP Moldova and the Czech Republic, developed the Strategy for Intelligent Transport and Mobility for the Municipality, as well as the related action plan. The documents were presented today, 16 June 2021, at a public event with the participation of representatives of the relevant departments of the Chisinau City Hall, the Police of the Republic of Moldova and civil society.

The documents contribute to the development of an intelligent transport system for the municipality, practical and cost-effective, which relies on intelligent management and fluidization systems.

“Digital technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way we move, making our mobility smarter, more efficient, and greener. This strategy and the experience of the Czech team of experts will help us to apply modern European mobility planning and traffic management practices in Chisinau,” said Victor Chironda, the deputy mayor of Chisinau.

The draft strategy and action plan were prepared by the company "Smart Plan" from the Czech Republic. During 2020, the team of experts, led by Miroslav Svítek, a professor at the Central Technical University in Prague, collected and analyzed data that reflects the situation in the field of transport planning and management in the municipality.

The strategy is based on seven pillars and areas:

  1. traffic management
  2. public transport
  3. parking
  4. active mobility (cycling, alternative transport)
  5. road safety
  6. electromobility
  7. central intelligent transport system

The strategy proposes concrete solutions and steps that Chisinau should take to ensure efficient management of parking in the city, to improve the public transport system, to organize and streamline traffic, but also to develop a functional and adapted infrastructure for alternative transport and electromobility.

Through technical assistance and specialized support for the strategy and action plan for intelligent transport and mobility, the Chisinau authorities will be able to learn from Czech and European experience and approaches in modern mobility planning and traffic management practices, which will ensure ultimately equity in the access of all social groups to urban infrastructure and will increase the quality of life in Chisinau.

The presentation event kicked off the two-week public consultation process. Thus, all those interested will have the opportunity to analyze it and come up with requests for clarification or proposals and suggestions for improvement.

The Strategy for intelligent transport and mobility for Chisinau was presented

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