The movie "Dor de casă" (”Missing home”) will be broadcasted for the first time, during "Movies from Moldova - online" festival

Today, 8 September, the documentary "Dor de casă" (”Missing home”), directed by Diana Vlas, will be broadcast in premiere. The film will end the week of "Films from Moldova online" festival and can be viewed on the national television station Moldova 1 and online -, starting with 7:40 p.m.

The film addresses the theme of migration and shows the emotions of the diaspora that returns home and regards the reality of our villages from another angle. Using the film's protagonists, the director aims to persuade other Moldovans to return to their homeland and stay at home. The documentary is structured on the stories of three families, which were brought back to the Republic of Moldova by their feeling of longing.

The making of the film is also unique. The author is the one who walks through the village, communicating directly with the people. "Besides these families, we find the Moldovan village with its landscapes, at first a bit gloomy, with many abandoned houses and deserted streets. A beautiful moment, surprised by us, were the preparations for Christmas. I caught moments when the villagers work side by side to help each other. These images make you miss the life of that used to be, in our villages," says the director Diana Vlas.

At the end of last year, Diana Vlas presented the idea of ​​the film "Dor de casă" (”Missing home”) in the WeDocMigration project, implemented by OWH Studio, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. By winning the competition, she obtained the necessary support for the production of this feature-length documentary.

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