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“Flowers for Peace” mural in Strășeni inspires for inclusion of child refugees in host communities

15 July 2022

Shortly after a mural painting in Cahul called for solidarity and social cohesion, a second painting on the topic of refugees’ social inclusion was unveiled, this time in the city of Strășeni. Both works were produced with support of UNDP and Switzerland, offered as part of the “Migration and local development" project.

The painting, also crafted by visual artist Radu Dumbravă, is entitled "Flowers for Peace" and shows two children drawing flowers on the cracks of a wall.  

"This painting is about the innocence of children and their need to spend their childhood in a safe and carefree environment. Children react painfully to conflicts and always try to settle them with something innocent, beautiful, something they think will bring peace. Often, their solution is flowers, and we chose them as a symbol of this drawing, to emphasize our common need to return to peace and that safe space where we can develop and follow our dreams,” said Radu Dumbravă.

Strășeni is one of the UNDP partner communities that joined the "My locality for peace" campaign, aiming to mobilize resources in support of people fleeing the war in Ukraine and their immediate needs for temporary accommodation.

UNDP and Switzerland awarded a grant to the Strășeni hometown association, to cover for medicines, food and hygiene products needed by refugees. Now, the city hosts over 90 refugees, most of them being accommodated in households.

"We appreciate very much the fact that our city has been chosen to promote this visual message of solidarity and peace. The new mural painting in Strășeni brings a breath of color and wellbeing, both on the streets where it is located and in the souls of those who see it,” says Valentina Casian, mayor of Strășeni.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, UNDP has been cooperating with central and local authorities in more than 75 host communities to provide more than 21,000 refugees from Ukraine with necessary supplies, accommodation, legal and psychological support.

“Flowers for Peace” mural in Strășeni inspires for inclusion of child refugees in host communities

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