“Now I say: I will fight for my rights !”

“Ecaterina is a young and ambitious woman, who exactly sees where she wants to be"

“People see in you just what you show and what’s visible – disability, I guess, is a matter of perception and feeling. I am gonna make others understand: This is not me, who is disabled – this is the environment, which is not accessible for everyone” – pointed Ecaterina Sochirca, Intern at the United Nations Human Rights Office (OHCHR).

Ecaterina is one of 15 persons, following a six months internship in UN Moldova within a big Diversity Internships Program for people most vulnerable to human Rights violations, and therefore, underrepresented in the national and international labor market. Being a woman with visual disabilities from Transnistria region, Ecaterina faced discrimination and stigma, trying to find a job after successful University and Master graduation in the field of International Relations and Political Sciences.

Now I say: I will fight for my rights! This internship gave me the power to follow my dream – a stable  and interesting job – confessed Ecaterina – Since the middle of October with the help of my supervisors I started to attend the Top English School of Today, where I am advancing my English. Yes, it’s challenging to come from a small Transnistrian willage to a relatively big and unaccessible city – the streets, buildings and public transport is not adjusted to the needs of people with disabilities, elderly people and parents with kids. However, the changes in this issues depend upon us – the right holders. I know for sure that I want to inform others in my community, how to claim your rights and monitor their fulfillment…”

Ecaterina Sochirca follows her internship namely in the project, which aim is to protect and promote the rights of persons with disabilities on the both banks of the Nistru river. She successfully fulfills the tasks related to communication, translations, administration and logistics within the project and the whole office.

“Ecaterina is a young and ambitious woman, who exactly sees where she wants to be – mentioned Xenia Siminciuc, Coordinator of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality Program, OHCHR – She, as well as other interns we have in different UN Agencies, are expected to become the “Agents of Change” in their community and that’s hystorically important! Many studies show that the higher is the level of interaction among persons from vulnerable groups and others, the easier and faster is acceptance. We will certainly continue empowering persons most vulnerable to Human Rights violations within the Diversity Internships program and other joint projects, because people and only people are the key stone of our work in Moldova”.

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