International Labour Organization launched the mobile application „Rights of Youth@Work”

The International Labour Organization (ILO) launched a mobile application that will help the young people of the Republic of Moldova to get familiar with their labour rights and obligations and to be better prepared to enter the labour market.

The „Rights of Youth@Work” application is an educational game and can be downloaded for free following the link for Android devices:

One can also find the educational game on Google Play if you enter the initials RWY ILO in the search engine and look for the icon representing a Ninja.  The main information contained in the application refers to employment contracts, social security, work conditions, occupational safety and health, etc.  Each topic is introduced by various questions - answers tests and stories - tests representing real life situations.

This application is an innovation for the Republic of Moldova and was developed by the ILO in partnership with the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic within the Project "Promotion of youth employment"

To promote the application among young people, the ILO has launched a national contest for vocational schools and lyceums students (graduates), colleges and excellence centres of Moldova.  The young people are encouraged to download the interactive game, to take the test and to gain the maximum score.  All educational institutions have been pre-registered in the application database and their name instantly appear while the registration of the students, after downloading the game.  The application engine will record the number of participants from each institution.   

The collection of data is necessary in order to find out how many beneficiaries used the application, which schools have the most of participants and to classify the schools upon the number of downloads.  The competition will last until November 30.  The results will be announced on the 7th of December and the winning institutions will be awarded with modern training equipment. 

QR code, RYW application

The application is available during this period only for students, but starting from December it will be accessible for all persons willing to get more information about the labour market and to improve their knowledge in this domain. 

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