Skills Committees for Vocational Training trained on drafting project proposals by ILO

  • Between June 12 and 15, 2019, employers’ organizations and national trade union centres participated in a training workshop on drafting project proposals in different vocational training fields. The seminar was organized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection (MHLSP) in partnership with the International Labour Organization (ILO) project "Promotion of Youth Employment".

In the seminar, the 20 participants, members of Skills Committees for Vocational Training, learned how to draft successful project proposals and how subsequently obtain financing for the implementation of their projects on the basis of normative and legal framework. The training was conducted by Ms Veronica Midari, a trainer with experience in writing project proposals and preparing budgets.

"The theoretical sessions and interactive activities were aimed to help the members of Skills Committees to improve their skills in designing qualitative project proposals, gain more knowledge on the interaction mechanism between the labour market and VET system and the possibilities of projects financing from the state budget," said Mrs Maria Stircul, main consultant of the MHLSP.

By the end of the training course the participants had to develop at least six project proposals related to vocational training for young people in several sectors of the national economy, such as transport, construction, textiles, etc. Besides correlation of initial and continuous vocational training of youth with the requirements of the labour market, the projects proposed by Skills Committees were presumed to contribute to the development of an information and support system for the improvement of technical vocational education, based on the labour market needs.

“This training was very useful for us, because we don't have a lot of experience in writing projects. Here we learned how to properly describe the activities that could solve certain problems in our area, how to set the terms of implementation, the methodology, as well as the human, material and financial resources needed for this action," said Ms Nadejda Rusnac, participant in the seminar.

“The International Labour Organization supports the training activities of Skills Committees for Vocational Training representatives, which play a decisive role in linking the educational system to labour market requirements, to achieve better qualifications and skills. I believe that this year the project proposals for financing from the state budget will be superior to those presented last year," noted Ms Violeta Vrabie, ILO project coordinator.

The training workshop is part of a series of activities implemented by the ILO project "Promotion of Youth Employment" within the context of validation in 2017 of the Law on Skills Committees for Vocational Training, as well as of the Regulation on Skills Committees financing methods from the state budget. The ILO project provided assistance in developing and promoting of the aforementioned law.

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