The best journalistic investigations on corruption issues were awarded

  • The winning articles of a national competition for best journalistic investigations on corruption were awarded on 13 December, in the framework the National anti-corruption week. The competition was organized by UNDP Moldova within the project “Strengthening the corruption prevention and analysis functions of the National Anticorruption Centre (NAC)”, financed by the Ministry of External Affairs of Norway.

"Investigative journalists ensure the transparency of public institutions. Through their work, journalists become allies in fighting and preventing corruption", said Vitalie Verebceanu, head of the General Directorate on preventing corruption of NAC.

“Investigative journalists strongly contribute to preventing corruption by exposing corrupt officials and urging authorities to take actions in relation to the investigated cases, but also to helping shape public attitude of zero tolerance to corruption and stressing its immorality and negative impact on the society”, noted Stefan Liller, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative.

15 journalists, including co-authors participated at the competition, with 42 investigations referring to corruption facts, mismanagement of public funds and public property, undeclared property and businesses. The articles were developed and published during January-October 2016.

The articles were evaluated by a professional jury formed of mass-media and anticorruption experts: Olga Crivoliubic, project manager NAC Project; Angela Starinschi, NAC press officer; Ion Bunduchi, executive director of the Electronic Press Association; Georgeta Stepanov, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, Moldova State University and Sorina Stefirta, director of the School of Advanced Journalism.

The winning journalistic investigations are:

First Prize:

  • “Chirtoaca brothers, “exceptional” business with the City hall” author Victor Mosneag;
  • “Grain market in Moldova, under the Russian monopoly” authors Madalin Necsutu and Ilie Gulca;
  • “Anabolics mafia. The clandestine road of steroids from Moldova to foreign sportspeople” author Rata Mariana.

Second Prize:

  • “Soloceni mine for a company owned by land relations director” author Tudor Iascenco;
  • “Banks hunters”, authors Ion Preasca, Iurie Sanduta, Roman Anin (Novaya Gazeta);
  • “Prices for Ukrainian medicines increase three times before reach pharmacies from Moldovan”, authors Svetlana Gore, Grigoriy Ivanchenko, Vladimir Sarkisyan and Natalya Zheleznova.

Prize III

  • “Pharmaceuticals market - suspicious transactions on the Moldovan-Bosnian branch” authors Dumitru Lazur, Olga Ceaglei, Miranda Patrucic (OCCRP), Jasna Fetahovic (;
  • “Spokeperson of Chisinau City Hall, with a luxury house and beneficiary of financial aid from budget” author Viorica Zaharia;
  • “Energy (in)dependence of Ukraine and Moldova: After association with the EU” authors Anastasia Cucuruz, Ghenadie Brega (Republic of Moldova) and Elena Cernisova (Ukraine).

The journalists received valuable prizes, including video cameras, laptops and professional photo cameras.                                                                                                                                           

The criteria considered for the evaluation were: the complexity of the investigation, quality of the documentation, originality of the subject, data presentation and visualization instruments, impact/social value, as well as compliance with the professional and ethical standards in the documentation, information-acquiring process.

The competition aimed to encourage investigative journalism in tackling cases of corruption and promoting cooperation between public authorities and mass-media for a common goal – building a “zero tolerance” approach towards corruption.

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